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Michael and Kwini Reed

Dynamic Duo: Chef Michael and Kwini Reed

In the heart of Anaheim, California, Chef Michael Reed, a culinary virtuoso with two decades of experience and a James Beard Best Chef West nominee, and his partner Kwini Reed, a Southern California native with a passion for culinary excellence, an eye for aesthetics, and a talent for curating experiences, have joined forces to create an extraordinary culinary experience at Poppy & Seed.
Chef Michael Reed's culinary journey spans prestigious kitchens on both coasts, including New York and Los Angeles, where he's honed his craft and earned recognition for his culinary prowess. As the Executive Chef and Owner of Poppy & Seed, he brings a wealth of culinary wisdom and a commitment to farm-to-table cuisine, rooted in his upbringing and education at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Chef Reed's influence extends beyond the kitchen; he has made appearances on Food Network shows like "Alex Vs America Season 2 Episode 2" and is set to dazzle in the upcoming season of "Tournament of Champions." Poppy & Seed proudly carries the accolade of a Michelin Guide Recommendation, a testament to Chef Michael Reed's culinary expertise.
Kwini Reed, a dynamic force in her own right, serves as a board member for the California Restaurant Association and is known for her eye for aesthetics and her talent for curating exceptional dining experiences. Her involvement with prestigious organizations like James Beard's Women Entrepreneurial Leadership and her active role in Regarding Her, a national non-profit empowering women-identifying food and drink entrepreneurs, demonstrate her commitment to culinary excellence and community engagement.
Together, Chef Michael and Kwini Reed have created a culinary gem in Anaheim, where Poppy & Seed flourishes as a celebration of California's seasonal bounty, farm-to-table ethos, and the shared commitment to making a positive impact on the community.